JUNE 2020
I was honoured to be awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal, awarded to the top graduating doctoral student, at the University of Alberta’s spring 2020 convocation. I thoroughly enjoyed interviews about my research with the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Graduate Studies, and U of A’s Folio newsletter


I was delighted to be an invited speaker in the Data Science colloquium series at the Case Western Reserve University Cognitive Science Department. See an abstract and a video of the presentation here.

About me

As a cognitive linguist I look at natural discourse – including speech and body movement – to explore the resources we recruit to make meaning and how these processes relate to how we think. I’m especially interested in how the verbal and body channels together express abstract conceptual notions – like event structure, stance, and negation. I work with multimodal corpus data, text corpora, 3D motion capture data, and experimental methods.

I’m very interested in applying this knowledge of humans in natural discourse to technical and social problems, including improving environments such as human interaction with avatars, the procedural generation of dialogue in video games, and applications in clinical situations.

Some other honours

April 2019
Awarded a Junior Research Fellowship at the RWTH Aachen University to continue my work with Dr. Irene Mittelberg.

May 2018
Selected a Killam Laureate at the University of Alberta in 2018 and one of 4 winners of the Dorothy J. Killam Memorial Graduate Prize.